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This page is for hobbyist who wishes to purchase products for non-commercial applications. We will be adding project and parts as we get feedback about what people are looking for. Infrared Remote Solutions, Inc. will not be part of this page and will not be responsible for any products damaged by these projects. They are strictly for educational purposes only. Other Products at this site can only be pruchased by commercial companies and are not sold to induviduals. Only the products on this hobbyist corner page can be purchased for non-commercial applications

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Project #1 Remote control board with 9 outputs

Infrared remote control receiver / decoder board with 9 active high output 2 receiver inputs with additional Pads for additional input mounts. Available in long distance ( 60 to 80 feet) and standard distance ( 20 to 30 feet) models.

Works extremely well on sunlight applications with minimal cover from the sun

Can be used in robotics, Home automation, Industrial control, or any application which requires a remote control

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9 output decoder board
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Project #2 Nokia 770 Memory card Upgrade.

Project Scope: Make a converter board that will enable the Nokia 770 to used larger memory cards made from Micro SDHC cards. This would extend the memory that the N770 can use to 8GB which is what is now available in Micro SDHC flash card. 16GB cards are on the way. This project will increase the usability of the N770 by allowing more files to be saved, such as MP3 and Movie files. I have completed the converter for this project and will soon be selling them on this page.

Nokia N770