24 Key Small Hand Remotes

24 Key Flat Credit Card Remote

Flat 24 Key Small Hand Remotes
  • Small size, one hand operation
  • Several ir transmission protocols available
  • Long battery life
  • Silk screened on overlay, keys, and case
  • Off the shelf with NEC's uPD6122 micro
  • Choice of materials are ABS
  • Battery type: 1x CR2025
  • Key switch type: Rubber
  • Key colors: Black, gray, custom colors are available
  • Size : 3.385" H X 2.135" W X 0.265" D
  • Transmission distance : 25 to 40 feet

  • Audio / Video Equipment
  • Home automation applications
  • Portable equipment
  • Computer control

Custom Designed Case label

Credit Card Remote 1


Credit Crad Remote 2

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